Impeccable Music Mixing & Editing

We create a polished recording for you that's mastered and ready for distribution. Professional Audio Company in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, offer impeccable music editing and mixing of your live recording at our studio.


As musicians ourselves, we understand that mistakes can happen during a live set. If you would like a more produced and polished sound, we offer you the chance to come to our studio and overdub any troublesome parts – even vocals! Using our professional-level microphones to restore the sound and the latest technology to lip sync your studio performance with the live show, we are confident that the audience will not notice.


We mix your recording back at our studio and provide you with a finished product that's ready for distribution. You can have as much involvement as you want in the mixing process or even mix and master the recording yourself. We supply you with a labelled file in either .aiff or .wav format on a DVD or hard drive.

Contact us for a polished recording of your live performance.